Chris Verno – Partner & Co-Founder of Penway Automotive.

My love for cars and the automotive industry came very early in life. At just five years old my dream job was to own and operate a car dealership. I started in the detail and quick lube department of a new car dealership at just fifteen years old. After graduating I went to another dealership and started selling cars. Through the years I moved on to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, and General Manager. During the Covid-19 pandemic I lost my job and that is when I knew it was time. My brother Gary and I set out to accomplish our childhood dreams. We opened Penway Automotive with our employee’s and community in mind. Determined to do it differently than a lot of dealers and providing a great place to work and/or buy and service vehicles. Helping the community is another reason we decided to start this blog. We would like to share information and ideas to keep our community informed, safe, and even attempt to make you smile and laugh.Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog and we hope you enjoy the information we share. Enough about me…

If you would like to know more about Penway and what we are about check us out at penwayautomotive.com. There you can read and find out where our name comes from and why we have a penquin in our logo.

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