Love her to prevent the winter blues

Keep your family and your car safe this winter with these 8 simple steps:

1. Her feet get tired in the cold – check your cars tire pressure weekly. Tires lose one pound of pressure for every ten degree drop in temperature.

2. Keep her hands out of the snow and ice – raise them wipers during snow or ice storms and never use them to remove ice. Clear the snow and ice around your washer fluid nozzles before driving.

3. Make sure she gets plenty of fluids – be sure to check the antifreeze and washer fluid. Top off the washer fluid as much as possible as we use it way more often in the winter. Running out while driving could lead to serious consequences.

4. Keep her full – fill up your gas tank often and never go below a half of a tank during the cold weather months. Last thing she wants to do is make you walk but believe me she will do it if she has to. Plus, if you get stuck, you will appreciate her being able to keep you warm until help arrives.

5. Don’t let her get stuffed up – clean the fuel injectors with a fuel additive. You can pick up an additive pretty much anywhere that sells gas or anything automotive. My personal favorite and recommendation is Seafoam motor treatment. Bonus: Use this every so often in all your motors including lawn equipment, atv’s, etc. as ethanol in gas can be harmful to engines (especially small ones).

6. She needs to recharge – test your battery. Batteries have to half their cranking power in cold weather. If you do not have a tester most auto parts stores and service stations will test it for free. Consider purchasing and using a battery tender which is a great investment as they are a fraction of the cost of a new battery.

7. Save her from running into things – have a professional check your vehicle breaks. We often do not think about our breaks until they are making a noise, a service station reminds, or the ouch (the worst-case scenario).

8. Finally, she likes to stay pretty – use a polymer wax to help protect against the winter elements. Snow, sleet, and especially road salt can take its toll on your vehicles clear coat and paint.

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